Are you ready for some useful ways to organize your life? In this article, I will outline some tips and tricks that will save you time and headache.  Here’s just some the areas covered:

  • Laundry
  • Kitchen/food
  • Kids
  • Electronics

Let’s get to it!

Kid’s school clothes

Lay those things out on Sunday night for the entire week ahead.  No more struggling in the morning with trying to find this sock or that shirt, everything is laid out right there and ready to go. 

A little prep on Sunday will last you the whole week long.  Mornings can be a hurried time of the day (especially when kids sleep in on accident). Wouldn’t it be cool if you had that buffer built right into the morning?  Imagine a world where your school mornings are relaxed and not rushed….

preparing kids clothes for the week
Found this somewhere on Pinterest -thanks to whoever posted this!

Meal Prep

Speaking of preparing ahead of time…do some meal prep on the weekend (Sunday is a good time) and have meals set to go for the week. 

It would be nice to do things the Euro style where you just leisurely stop by an open air market on your way home every day and get what you want for dinner but the reality is that that’s hard to manage. 

When you have a family and things are hectic, a little preparation goes a long way.  Plan your week’s menu on Sunday and get the ingredients that you need all in one shot. This site has a ton of great ideas on how to be a meal prep conqueror.

meal planning website

Electronics: Cord Keeper

There’s nothing more annoying, on your desk or workstation, than cords and wires strewn everywhere. They snag on things and generally get in the way.  With all our devices that need charging there are certainly quite a few charging cords to keep at bay. 

There are a few good options out there but I found one particular cord tamer that not only looks nice but easily allows cords in and out without having to try and squeeze the cords in the slot. 

This is the one that has been working for me but in general cord keepers and really great and, these days, are pretty much a necessity.

cord keeper

This one has a super strong adhesive backing and fit the space where I needed it.

Kitchen: Pots/Pans Lid Holder

The kitchen is certainly a place where a lot of us spend quite a bit of time.  Its a place that MUST be organized and things you need should be easily accessible.

There’s nothing worse than moving around dozens of dishes and appliances to get at what you need.  There is space in your kitchen that you may not have thought of but makes for a convenient and accessible storage area. 

I’m referring to the cabinet doors.  Easily install some simple brackets on the inside of your cabinet doors and simply lock your lids into place. The next time you need to cover that simmering pot of rice, there it is. 

Say goodbye to rooting around under the cabinet for that particular pot lid.  One option for brackets is seen below. Just some simple adhesive backed plastic hooks

plastic hooks

Another option is the curtain rod or other type of bar bracket, like a towel rack. With this system you simply slide your lid down between the door and bar and you’re good to go.

bars for pots

Laundry: Collapsible Laundry Basket

As an old friend used to say, “7 days of laundry makes one week (and weak)” and if you have kids you know what I’m talking about.  Before kids, I didn’t think it was possible to do laundry almost every day of the week but yes, it IS possible! 

If you are doing that much laundry then you need a workhorse of a laundry basket and one that can store out of the way when the time comes.  Thanks to the miracles of silicone I give you the mighty collapsible laundry basket

When you’re done just collapse it and store it between your machines or off to the side.  Baskets take up a lot of space for something so light but now you can actually save some space.laundry basket collapsible


Kitchen: Collapsible Colander

Again, the miracle of silicone!  The collapsible colander is a big time space saver especially considering the fact that the pots and pans cabinet doesn’t have a ton of extra space to spare. 

This particular model is the one I’ve been using for years and have been impressed with how it has held up.  One of the cool features is found it its handle design. You can pull the handles out sideways to fit the size sink you are trying to bridge. 

You could fit 3 or 4 of these colanders in the space that just one conventional colander fits. You can’t argue with that!colander collapsible

Pots and Pans

Above we successfully tamed the pots and pans lids but what about the pots and pans themselves? When you put a pot in the cabinet there is so much space above it that is simply not being used. This rack makes use of that formerly wasted space and frees up a LOT of room in the cabinet.  Its a must have.

pan organizer

Do you have any hacks that have worked for you? I’m always looking for good ideas. Some of them I will add to the article so feel free to share them in the comments below.

6 Organizing Tips and Hacks for the Home




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