Green thumbs don’t grow on trees. Hard-to-kill indoor hanging plants create style, depth, interest and atmosphere without requiring serious effort. But, which are right for your aesthetic? And, are they easy-care, easy-go?

The answers lie in our quick guide to hanging plants. Low-maintenance and downright neglectful plant enthusiasts will love every leaf of our top list featuring the best indoor hanging plants. They’re beautiful but robust. Below you will useful information on who’s who in the world of hanging plants and how to care for them.

 Vines & Ivy

Aesthetic Value

Indoor vines and ivy look wonderful in hanging pots. Expansive and sprawling, they add dimension and linework to your space.

Proper care

You only need to know how much to water them, and they take care of themselves. Morning sun or bright but indirect light is best.  Algerian, Persian, English, and the Devil’s varieties remain the most popular.


Most varieties of vines and ivy pose no harm to nibbling pets.


Algerian Ivy
Here’s an Algerian Ivy. This shop carries them.
persian ivy (hedera) ivy
The Persian Ivy (A.K.A Hedera) has the largest leaves of all the ivys. You can find  it at good ol’ Home Depot.


glacier english ivy
This beauty is called Glacier English Ivy and can be found at


Sagittarius English Ivy
With its distinctive leaf shape, the Sagittarius English Ivy makes a great addition to any living space. has these too.
Devils Ivy (golden Pothos)
The Devil’s Ivy or Golden Pothos is known for being hard-to-kill, an excellent choice for those who can’t dedicate tons of time to their plants. I found it being sold here with some good care instructions here.


Aesthetic Value

Turn your bedroom or living area into a Pinterest miracle with a heart-shaped or trailing philodendron.

Proper care

Philodendron plants only need medium light, breathing room, and weekly watering.


Contain a toxin known as calcium oxalate that can cause inflammation of mucous membranes in small children and pets if eaten.

Silver philadendron
This Silver Philadendron adds a cool aesthetic to your walls, like a living piece of art. For more care instructions see these guys.
heartleaf Philodendron
The Heartleaf Philodendron, like most philodendrons, are hardy (and very popular) but just be sure to keep them away from nibbling pets -they are toxic.  I found this one at Amazon (is there anything they DON’T have?!)
birds nest fern
Here’s a nice, wall-mounted Japanese Birds Nest Fern. I found one here at Jet.

Ferns, Ferns, & More Ferns

Aesthetic Value

Staghorn Fern. The Boston Fern. The Bird’s Nest Fern. The Asparagus Fern. All ferns look great stretching in the sun and lounging near the window of a tastefully decorated apartment.

Proper care

Ferns are like people. They need lots of water and very little sun.


Ferns will neither offend nor harm (except the Asparagus Fern, which isn’t technically a fern but it is toxic to pets) 

staghorn fern
The Staghorn Fern is so cool it doesn’t even need soil. This one is mounted handsomely on a wooden plaque. Check it out here at Jet.


boston fern
More or less your classic indoor fern, the Boston Fern won’t let you down. And yes, Amazon has ’em.




birds nest fern
Behold! The mighty Bird’s Nest fern. Nice and out of the way yet adds some color and life to your wall.
Asparagus Fern
The Mighty Asparagus Fern looks great in any setting and need medium light. These guys carry ’em. As a word of caution, they are toxic to pets if eaten.

Others Worth Mentioning

 Spider Plants

Beautiful, fecund, air-filtering and fresh, Spider plants grow quickly and easily with medium light and moderate water. Completely safe, Spider plants never hurt.

hanging spider plant
Keep the Spider Plant in moist soil and bright, indirect light (artificial light will do) and you’re good to go. Amazon has ’em here.

String of Pearls

Eye-catching and almost alien, the “String-of-Pearls” requires only moist soil and indirect light. Are pearls ever a bad idea? Add a little exotic to your pad with this baby. And remember, they like bright but indirect light.

string of pearls hanging plant
The unique and wonderful String of Pearls. A word of caution though, they are toxic to pets and kids. If that’s not an issue at your place then you can find them here.

Air Plants

No soil needed? Nope. Water weekly and leave in bright, indirect light to enjoy this mysterious variety for many beautiful years. Air plants are perhaps the daintiest, least lethal organism on Earth.

hanging air plants
These super low maintenance house plants are so easy they don’t even require soil- anything easier would be a plastic plant! Find ’em here.

Final Thoughts

Indoor hanging plants that won’t die with the season or over a weekend are key for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time to put into their plants. None of the plants above need an expert gardener so you’re in luck…plus they can easily add a touch of jungle to your pad. Win-Win!



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