While most camping enthusiasts are super particular about their camping staples like their tent, backpack of choice and cooking gear, we’ve got a list of 10 gadgets that they really can’t say “no” to!  These unique items are sure to be an easy win for that outdoors-person!

Camping Multi-Tool

1) Hammer Axe Multi-tool – Yes, Yes, we’ve all seen our share of multi-tools, but a built in hammer and small hatchet make for the grand slam on this one.  Add in a touch of the wood for the handle and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent gift for just $12.99!

Outdoor Blanket

2) Sand-Proof and Water-Proof Blanket – An easy win simply due to it’s compact size!  With so many uses, this really isn’t even just for the camping enthusiast!  Any avid outdoors-person will appreciate the versatility and convenience of having this blanket/ground cover/mat/tarp with them at all times. 

Survival Bracelet

3) Survival Wristband – Though the paracord bracelet has been gaining popularity, the built in flint fire starter, whistle and compass is what really sets this one apart from the other paracord survival bracelets out there!  

Multi-Tool Caribiner

4) The Survival Frog carabiner – You really can’t have enough multi-tools.  Even better when the multi-tool is a useful tool in and of itself before ever being used as something else.  Say what? Never-mind, just know that this carabiner is ALSO a knife, 2 kinds of screwdrivers and a flashlight.  Never get caught digging through your backpack for that one thing you can’t find . . .

Camping Table

5) A table that fits  . . . .Having the convenience of a table is highly underrated.  Something simple to get certain things up and off the ground is often something you don’t think about until you find yourself at a site without a picnic table!  Never be caught without a table again!  This one is on the smaller side, but it folds up unlike any other, AND coming in at just 2.5 pounds, it’s super lightweight, making it ideal for even backpacking excursions! 
Need a little more space?  Or one that is taller or can take a little more weight?  If super compact is less important, check out a metal version like this one that will give you more options.  

Camping Lighting

6) What’s a Lumanoodle? A unique lighting strip that can be used for emergencies or for a nice touch at your tent site.  Hang it, stick it, carry it . . . Either way, Now you know!  

Water Filter

7) Lifestraw – Keep it clean, keep it safe.  A camping/survival must-have for spending time in nature.  Knowing that a simple gadget like this will give you clean and safe water no mater what the water source is priceless (and for a not-so-bad price, only $21.91 on Prime!)

Camping Comfort

8) While they may have their favorite sleeping bag and tent, you might be surprised how under-rated a camping pillow is!  A camping pillow like this packs up tiny and light weight, but add a serious level of quality to a nights sleep in the woods.  
camping pillow

Camping Hammocks

9) While hammocks are gaining camping popularity, you may be surprised at how often a hammock like this can be use not only on a camp out, but even during a weekend outing to the park or lake.
They pack up surprisingly small and lightweight. Be sure to find long adjustable straps like the ones that come with this . . . don’t be fooled by long lines that you have to tie up yourself.
Straps with loops and caribiner clips to secure your distance from tree to tree are more important that you might realize.  This one has the right style straps to keep you swaying lazily in your hammock from almost anywhere!
camping hammock


10) While a spork is a spoon and a fork in one, it’s really not accomplishing either of those jobs well!  Have you REALLY ever tried to stab anything with those tiny little prongs?  
They are useless!  Try a SPOON FORK instead!  No really, it actually IS both! And it even has a little cutting edge to help. (we aren’t writing home on the knife edge feature, so let’s focus on the spoon and fork).  Try a titanium one like this to avoid braking and melting the plastic versions.  You’ll be glad you did! 
spoon fork
Remember that axe multi-tool from the beginning? Well, THIS one has a little more whack to it. Its downright brilliant yet simple it its design.  Its put out by the well-known lighter maker, Zippo. Its the Zippo AxeSaw and its really useful. Its an axe, a saw and a hammer. Those are all very useful tools when you are camping. And you can probably guess that the saw blade is stored conveniently in the axe handle itself.  Check it out below.
zippo axe saw hammer
We hope you enjoyed this list and were inspired to get outdoors. Camping and any outdoor adventures are always made better with the right tools and equipment.
If you have an uncomfortable backpack or your sleeping bag doesn’t keep you warm, you’re less likely to go again anytime soon. That’s why is so critical to get the right gear.  Do you have any gear that you love and think should be on this list? Feel free to comment below. 
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