So normally our goal with ShaggyMuffins is to provide useful, entertaining and actionable stuff in the form of articles and videos but today this is really just for fun.  Here’s the topic o’ discussion:

What will $30,000 bucks buy you? 

The only stipulation is that is has to be a singular thing, item or experience (that means nothing like 30 thousand McDonalds dollar menu burgers).

Lets begin.


We’ll begin this exercise in Dubai (not surprising is it?).  Let’s say you’ve been practicing your two wheeled driving skills all day in the hot sands of Dubai and

dubai two wheeled driving you’re exhausted. You crave nothing more than to just relax and catch a few zzzz’s.  No problem. The Royal Bridge Suite at Atlantis is just the room for you…of course you’ll need to throw down some $$$$$’s to catch those zzzz’s first. One night will cost you (you guessed it) 30 G’s.  Apparently even the soap has flecks of gold in it (yeah, that’s going home with me…along with the towels).  I would invite some friends to hang out with you for those few precious hours you have there but don’t worry you’ll have the space for it. At 9,900 square feet you could probably invite all your friends.

dubai 30,000 per night hotel room


Okay, next on the list is a Ferrari…book. Huh? Wait a minute, a book about Ferrari’s costs 30k?! Yeah, you read that right.  This baby comes with a special custom book stand.  At 514 pages long you’re gonna pay about $58 bux per page. That’s reasonable..said no one ever!  It is, however, limited edition so I guess that’s something.

30 thousand dollar ferrari book


Book on Ferraris not doing it for ya? Okay, no problem. How about your very own island (or at least a chunk of land on a private island…in Nova Scotia.  A wilderness all to your own.

buy your own island

And since the price is not quite at 30k you’ll have about 500 left to buy that tent you’re gonna need on your island. Perfect!


By now you’ve probably heard about the “tiny house” phenomenon. You know, those 250 sq.ft. places that are sometimes trailerable.  How about this little dynamo that comes on its own trailer? This baby put out by Tiny Heirloom will set you back around $29,500.

tiny houses for 30k

If you already have 60k then if you can find a way to borrow another 30k, just get yourself one of these and that Canadian island and call it a day.  What else do you need from life? 


Tiny house and tiny living aren’t going to cut it? Want wide open spaces and big adventure? You’ve come to the right place. How about a 57-day Antarctica, Amazon and Caribbean cruise? Talk about diversity of locations! 

30k cruise

And for just few extra dollars ($24,000 to be exact) you can upgrade to the Penthouse Suite!


One thing you will not be able to take with you on this mega cruise is your dog. And you definitely will not be able to if your dog is Rose, the border collie that sold at an auction for a cool $30 grand.  Dogs don’t normally go for this kind of a price but you know how auctions go, they can get hot and heavy when two bidders want something bad enough.  

border collie for 30,000 dollars


Rounding out the list of crazy things you can buy for $30k is…a rare, sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo.  Apparently only a dozen of these specimens exist and this one sold for just over $30 grand.  See kids? If you just hold on to your toys and keep them in pristine condition and never take them out of the box you just might have a winner in like 40 years…yeah right!

super mario bros game

Well, I don’t know about you but I am a little disturbed at how overpriced some things in this world are! A hotel room for one night or a tiny house? Tough choice, right?  I hope you enjoyed this article and as always if you think anything should be added we want to hear about it below.

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