Do you think life could be easier?  I mean, this is almost the year 2020, you expect more, right?  Where are the flying cars we were promised so long ago?!  Well, I’ve done the work for you here and rounded up the best products for those of us that well, want to work a little less at life.  The benefit, of course, is more time for fun stuff.  The kinds of things I’m talking about are:

  • Lights that turn on themselves
  • Trash can lids that open at your command
  • A machine that folds your laundry
  • A touchless toothpaste dispenser
  • And 10 more things that will have you easily gliding through life like one of those moving sidewalks at the airport!

Automated Fashion

Let’s start from the ground up all you lazy peeps!  First up are shoe laces. Do you realize how much time you spend in your life tying and untying your shoe laces?  Lets dive in.  I timed myself. 6 seconds per shoe on, 2 seconds per shoe off.

For this example, lets say once a day on, once a day off. That’s being conservative.  Not counting the first 5 years of your life, you can expect to spend 121 hours tying and untying your laces! Let that sink in.  Luckily there’s a way out of this lace tying jail! Introducing Hickies. 

Strange name for these time savers but if you can get past the name you will realize that these things are doing double duty. Not only do they save you a ton of time and effort tying your laces but once you slip on your shoe you will realize that they snug up perfectly due to their elasticity -you don’t end up with loose shoes.

I know what you’re thinking: “But they already make slip on shoes, why do I need Hickies”?  That IS true but with Hickies you can turn any lace up shoe into a slip on shoe. Here’s mine:

 Hickies shoelaces

Bathroom Automation

Time to Brush your teeth but wait, I gotta pick up the toothpaste tube, open the top AND squeeze it out onto my toothbrush!? Arrgh! That’s just too much work, there’s GOT to be a better, more lazy way! 

Of course there is, this is the 2000’s after all.   I give you the “Hands Free Toothpaste Squeezer“. Just slap this baby on the wall and it dispenses your toothpaste.  It also holds your toothbrushes too (so you don’t have cockroaches climbing all over your bristles when you’re sleeping).

automatic toothpaste dispenser

While we’re in the bathroom, lets talk about soap. Right now, if I want liquid soap on my hands I have the undesirable task of picking up the soap dispenser splooging it on my hands, putting the soap down and washing up. Now there’s a better, hands-free way.

Its the Infrared Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser with a nice brushed stainless steel look.  Just wave your dirty paw under the spout and Voila! soap magically appears on your hand.  Now where is that Automatic Money Dispenser…?

automatic liquid soap dispenser


Now that we’re all cleaned up its time to face the next task…laundry! Uggh!  That’s what everyone says because folding laundry is such a pain the rear. If you spend 121 hours of your life tying your shoes you can imagine how much of your life is spent folding laundry. 

Luckily, someone decided they had enough and devised a better way.  Its a clothes folding board. Yeah, you just throw a shirt on there and flip the sides over in 3 times and you’re done.  Left side, then right side, then bottom side. Next shirt!  

shirt folding board

Now if you really want to go extreme with folding the clothes there is actually a robotic clothes folding machine called Foldimate.  You just feed the machine your articles of clothing and it pops em out all folded and ready to go.


Nutrition Made Easy

By this time you’re probably ready for a snack but Doritos just aren’t cutting it anymore, you need something substantial, something with vitamins and minerals.  Why doesn’t someone create a shake that has everything you’re body needs?

Prayers answered.  They call it Soylent. Fortunately, most folks drinking Soylent today are blissfully unaware of the Charleton Heston dystopian futuristic thriller from which it takes its name, Soylent Green.    Either way, the makers of Soylent have formulated this drink to incorporate all the essentials that you’ll need such as 20g of plant-based protein, 26 vitamins and minerals and carbs.

soylent meal replacement drink

Cleaning the floor

So by now you have already heard of that hockey puck shaped robot that cleans your floors while you’re away, the Roomba.  It just goes around and randomly cleans the floors and while bumping into walls and such, but eventually it gets everything and you come home to clean floors (or your dog has murdered the Roomba).  


Getting the floors done is great, but what about those pesky windows? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with the HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot. How does it stick to the window you ask?  The super vacuum sucks it up against the window while it cleans. Yeah, pretty cool.

robotic window glass cleaner

Oh, and did I mention that you can get those floors not just vacuumed but scrubbed? That’s right, its a Robot Mop and it will spritz and scrub as it goes.  With a smaller form than the Roomba, the iRobot Braava will scrub in those hard to reach spots saving you from uncomfortable time spent kneeling on the hard floor.

irobot braava floor scrubbing robot

Okay, so you come home and easily slip off your no shoelaces shoes and realize that the Roomba needs to be emptied.  But then you see realize: “How am I supposed to open this trash can lip with my hands full of Roomba?”

Automated Trash Cans

No worries, cuz you have an infrared sensor trash can lid. Just get within 6 inches of the lip and it magically opens.  They even thought to put an anti-odor device inside too. And yes, of course its a standard 13 gallon size!

motion sensing trash can lid

Measuring Devices

Wondering if your new motion detecting trash can will fit into your kitchen?  Just grab a tape measure.  No, not that old, tired analog one, get the new and improved, minimal-thought-required one.  Its digital!  And it even has 3 memory functions so that you don’t have to worry about what that last measurement was.

digital tape measure

If you’re gonna need to measure something more than 16 feet and you want to do it real quick, I give you the Bosch Laser measuring device.  I first saw this being used by the guys replacing my tile floor. Just hold it against the wall and shoot at the other wall.  The device takes into account the distance including the length of itself into the final digital measurement.  So easy!

laser measuring device

Automated Lighting

This guy in the picture above is measuring distance in a closet.  Closets are something we tend to go in and out of several times a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if the lights just came on when you walked in (like you’re some kind of Hollywood star on stage)?

With these motion sensing bulbs, you just swap out these for what you have now and skip all the light switch flipping every time you go in and out. It senses you and turns on the light, it gives you 90 seconds of light after no motion is detected, then off. 

 motion sensing light bulb

Digital Devices

Finally, at the end of the day after you’ve expended all this energy not opening trash can lids and not turning on closet lights and not vacuuming your floors, its time to relax with your favorite tablet in bed.  But you already know whats going to happen. You’ve gonna lie there holding up that tablet and as light as it is it will eventually feel as heavy as a lead brick. 

Well not no mo’! Check out the Tablift Tablet Stand. Its got these four arching legs that give you enough room to be underneath it while the tablet sits right there, no heavy lifting involved.  I mean just look at the smug, satisfied look on her face!

hands free tablet holder

That’s it…for now.  More will be coming down the road, I just know it. And when they do I will add them to this list so check back periodically.  In the meantime, if you’ve seen or used something in your life that you just can’t live without and think it belongs on this list lemme know! Just comment below.

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