Dads . . . they never need anything . . . or so they say!  Well that’s because they just don’t know about all of these cool products that are probably way better than the ones that they already have! If it’s time to help dad step up his game, you’ve come to the right place!!  This article is full of great gift ideas for dad so lets get to it!
1) Beanie Hat light – Simply because it helps him look way less dorky than that ole’ headlamp he’s been wearing. At least this way, he will be keeping his head warm as well!  Rechargeable and handy for unlimited type of use! 
2) Floating Golf Green – Golf-related gifts for the golf-enthusiast will pretty much be winners no matter what. And, of course, there is no shortage of creative ways to say “I love golf”.  This particular one is really cool though because it goes right in the pool and allows dad to get some chipping practice in while still hanging out at the pool. Win-Win!
floating golf green
3) Make your own hot sauce kit – Dads like to be the master of their own destiny . . . let him have a taste of it!  Time to make your own hot sauce dad!  Let’s see what you’ve got . . . 
make your own hot sauce kit
4) Urban Map Etched glass Whether it’s his home town, his place of birth or his favorite vacation spot, what dad wouldn’t like to sip his whiskey (or wine!) from a nice glass with an etched map? Check it out! 
personalized etched glass
5) Personalized Ammo Box – Not your average “Things Remembered” item here.  This one says DAD all over it.  Let him decide what he really wants to store in it 😉 
personalized ammo box
6) BEST. DAD. EVER. Shirt . . . Basically A more modern version of Worlds #1 Dad coffee mug, but in a shirt form. A touch of classic in a style he will actually wear. 
Best. Dad. Ever. Funny Father's Day Unisex T-Shirt_ Clot
7) Steak and Burger bundle . . .Omaha Steaks.  Plus burgers. ‘Nuff said. 
steaks and burgers for dad
8) Socks . . . you didn’t just say socks, did you? Yes, but PINEAPPLE socks!  Keep dad styling, even in his business suit.  The BEST of businessmen take the opportunity to showcase a piece of personal flair with socks that are totally on point! 
pineapple socks
9) The Rolo  – change his travel experience.  lets face it, when dad packs, he’s packing light and probably just the basics. He’s the kind of guy that brings exactly 4 shirts and 4 pairs of underwear for a 4 day trip…no room for error! Well the Rolo is a simplistic design that is perfect for dad. Those 4 shirts will even get their very own compartment. 
10) Men’s skin care – While dad may not seek this out on his own, or even consciously realize that he wants ( NEEDS!) products to take better care of his skin at least this one has a manly look to it…he will totally use it, even if he doesn’t tell you.
skin care for dad
You ever go camping and realize: “Man, we have a LOT of stuff with us!”? Yeah, when you have everything you need to survive it turns out to be a lot of stuff but what if you could reduce the amount of stuff you carry and the weight of that stuff?
Better yet what if there was a really useful camping tool that does 3 jobs and does them well?  Introducing the AxeSaw by Zippo.  This thing is “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” brilliant.  Its an axe, its a saw and its a hammer -all very useful tools on a camping trip and all wrapped up in one tool.
zippo axe saw hammer
I hope you found some inspiration from this list cuz dads worth putting the time in to find a gift that will be memorable and useful (I mean wouldn’t you call Pineapple Socks memorable?!).
No Brainer Christmas Ideas for Dad 3

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